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Bus Routes

We provide bus transportation for:

  • Non-transfer elementary students living 1.5 miles or more from their school; and
  • Non-transfer middle-school, junior-high or high-school students living 2 miles or more from their school.

Buses may arrive up to 15 minutes after the scheduled stop time. Students should remain at the stop up to 15 minutes after the scheduled stop time. If students wait longer than 15 minutes, call 918-833-8100.

School bus stop location

Buses load and unload at the front entrance to the Kendall Whittier Elementary building. 

Bus stops


bus Behavior- kendall whittier 

A student may be reported by the bus driver and removed from the bus by the principal or designated representative for the following reasons.

  • Leaving the seat while bus is in motion.
  • Drinking or eating on the bus.
  • Use of offensive or vulgar language.
  • Disrespect to the bus driver.
  • Fighting
  • Destruction of property.
  • Putting any body part out of the bus window.
  • Unlocking the emergency door except at the direction of the bus driver.

Consequences for being reported by the bus driver include the following steps.

  • First offense—a warning.
  • Second offense—one-day suspension from the bus.
  • Third offense—two day suspension from the bus.
  • Fourth offense—three day suspension from the bus.
  • Fifth offense—one week suspension to long term suspension.

Any step may be skipped due to the severity of the offense.


  • The student is still expected to be in attendance at school when he/she is suspended from the bus.

All bus riders must have a signed transportation form on file to ride the bus.
Bus Information continued. . . .

  • Bus riders are NOT allowed to walk home or ride another bus without a written note from the parent/guardian, which has been approved by the principal or assistant principal.
  • Bus referrals are handled by the administration. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the assistant principal at 833-9906 or 833-9904.
  • If you have problems with the bus schedule, please call transportation at 833-8100. Any concerns about a bus driver should be reported to the same number.


Who do I call if my child has not returned home from school on time?

  • First call your child’s school
  • If you do not get an answer, call transportation at 918-833-8100  
  • Note: buses may run 10-minutes after the posted stop time

Who do talk to about transportation for students with special needs?

  • Call our special needs transportation representative at 918-833-8148 or
  • Note:  There is a 3-5 day processing window for all new applications